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Log of the Cruise – Greenock 31th May 2014

(The following log features extracts from the Ship’s Official Log Book, with the entries recorded by the Officer of the Watch on the Navigational Bridge - British Isles with Ruby Princess May 23 to June 4, 2013)

 At 03:00 we entered Firth Clyde, commencing our final approach to Greenock. We picked up the local Pilot at 04:58. With the pilot onboard, speed was increased as we proceeded towards our berth 16 nm from the pilot boarding position. We maneuvered alongside the pier at 06:54, all our lines were fast shortly after and gangways ready.
 On departure from Greenock we were serenaded by a pipe band and a large dancing creature with a Kilt on. The pipers played longer than expected due to our delayed departure. Departure was delayed due to 2 passenger busses carrying more than 80 passengers returning to the ship. After letting go all of our lines at 18:13 we began to thrust off the berth, once clear we put the engines ahead and started making headway in a westerly direction, shortly after altering to the south. Once clear of Great Cumbrea, on our Portside, at 19:55 we disembarked the Pilot and continued southward passing, once again, the Isle of Arron on the starboard side. Once clear of Arron we set a southwesterly course through the Irish Sea, towards Dublin.

Weather experienced during the day:
Sky: Partly Cloudy Skies; Wind: South Westerly Beaufort Force 3
Temperature: 19ºC/66ºF; Barometric Pressure: 1023,7 mb
Sunrise: 04:41; Sunset: 21:51

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