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Log of the Cruise – Dublin 1th June 2014

(The following log features extracts from the Ship’s Official Log Book, with the entries recorded by the Officer of the Watch on the Navigational Bridge - British Isles with Ruby Princess May 23 to June 4, 2013)

 At 03:00 we made contacted with the Dublin pilot and confirmed our arrival time. Four miles outside the breakwaters or Ireland’s capital the pilot boarded at 03:28, and we continued on our passage through the harbor entrance. The ship swung to port and was maneuvered astern to come alongside by the Commodore. By 05:04 we were safely secured alongside our berth at the Ocean Pier. The first passenger was ashore at 06:18.
 After all passengers and most of the crew were on board Ruby Princess landed her gangways and began letting go mooring lines. One crew member was missing from the ship. While letting go the ship mooring lines the missing crew member arrived. The decision was made to put the gangway back out and let crew member rejoin the ship. After the crew member was back on board we continued to let go the mooing lines. At 15:41 all the lines were gone and Ruby Princess was maneuver out of the harbor by the Commodore. Reciprocal courses were followed back out of the channel and into Dublin Bay. With the pilot disembarked at 16:32, Ruby Princess then set a south westerly course along the coast of Ireland for Cobh (pronounced “COVE”).

Weather experienced during the day:
Sky: Overcast Skies; Wind: South Westerly Beaufort Force 3
Temperature: 17ºC/63ºF; Barometric Pressure: 1019,6 mb
Sunrise: 05:04; Sunset: 21:43


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